QR Codes will be everywhere soon!

QR Codes On Weather Channel

Android in the Mobile OS War

Considering that Symbian, WinMo, Apple, Android, WebOS, and RIM are all strong competitors… it will be very interesting to see how business decisions made by the powers at the top of those platforms impact the technology implementations to which consumers clings.
An Early and Brazen Prediction:
->WebOS will be the first to fizzle out
->RIM will ultimately [...]

PhoneFraze – Game for Android Phones, more fun than CATCHPHRASE(tm)

TheAndroidWorks is pleased to announce the impending official release of our first FREE Android App into the Google Android Market:  PhoneFraze Lite
This game is a ground-up design that players of the popular electronic game Catchphrase ™ will shine and greatly enjoy.  It features three distinct modes of game play, upgradeable word list categories, a polished [...]

TheAndroidWorks.com Begins!

Launch Day!
We are pleased to announce ourselves as a collective new player in the Android development community.
www.theandroidworks.com is now up and running… please be patient with us as we fill out the who’s, what’s, where’s, and when’s about our various projects delving into the world of ANDROID!